FOOTIE legend Paul Gascoigne has revealed how he enjoyed a boozy night out with two of Mad Dog Gaddafi’s sons.

And he admitted he used to snort 16 LINES of cocaine a day.

Gazza, 44, told Piers Morgan in a TV interview filmed at the weekend: “I went to Libya when I played for Middlesbrough and took Gaddafi’s two sons out and got them lamped. I also signed this thing in his compound. I think it was a bomb!”

Paul, currently in rehab in Bournemouth, was close to tears as he spoke of his booze and drugs battle. The ex-Newcastle midfielder admitted: “At my worst I had 16 lines of coke a day. I was on four bottles of whisky a day for three months. It took two bottles just to stop the shakes.”

Gazza also revealed he grabbed the controls of a jet carrying England’s 1990 World Cup squad to Naples, Italy.

He said: “I asked if I could sit in the cockpit. Then I asked the pilot if I could have a go at the controls. I gave it a turn and I must have sent the jet three miles off track.”

The star admitted he was forced to seek help after his bizarre bid to help fugitive killer Raoul Moat last year. He said: “I wasn’t well at all and my family weren’t happy after that.”


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