Libyan Authorities Prevent 150 Tunisians From Entering Tunisia : Tunisia Live

Since November 24th, Libyan authorities have prevented over 150 Tunisians from entering Tunisia, at the Libyan-Tunisian border crossing of Dhehiba-Wazen, presumably on the basis of trading scrap iron illegally.

According to Bachir Ben Hassine Taieb, who is one of the stuck Tunisians from Sidi Bouzid, the 150 Tunisians have been living with no water, food or shelter despite being a few meters away from Tunisian soil. He added that Libyan authorities have suggested that they would bring them cars to enter Tunisia through the desert instead.

The stranded Tunisians, most of whom are scrap iron traders, include elderly and sick people. Bachir, who used to work as a bricklayer in Libya, stated that he phoned the Tunisian Ministry of Foreign Affairs who directed him to the Ministry of Interior and got no reply from either government agencies. He phoned the Tunisian consul in Tripoli twice. He was notified that the consulate was busy trying to speak to the Libyan government about the situation.

One Dhehiba local, Anouar, stated that Libyan authorities have been warning Tunisians carrying scrap iron in their cars about the illegal nature of the trade and asked them to unload their cars before entering Tunisia. They have had their cars released by Libyan authorities from the Wazen-Dhehiba border crossing since yesterday.

Source: Shems FM

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