Cain On Libya Stumble: ‘Yes, I Was Embarrassed By That’ | ThinkProgress

By Ben Armbruster on Nov 28, 2011 at 6:04 pm

GOP presidential contender Herman Cain was on CNN today defending against another charge of an inappropriate relationship with a woman other than his wife, this time, an alleged 13-year affair with a woman whom Cain said “is an acquaintance who I thought was a friend.”

But also during the CNN interview, host Wolf Blitzer asked Cain about his infamous rambling and incoherent response to a question from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about where he stands on Libya. Cain claimed the Sentinel “pulled out 40 seconds” from his answer (actually it was five minutes) and conceded the incident was “embarrassing”:

CAIN: Was it embarrassing? Yes. Was I caught off guard? Yes. Because of a number of factors. That was a forty minute interview and they pulled out 40 seconds to embarrass me and they did. Yes I was embarrassed by that but that doesn’t mean that I did not know the answer. What I was doing was gathering my thoughts so I wouldn’t state anything incorrectly.

No one has said I said something wrong, they just questioned the pause and the fact that, yeah I was exhausted I was probably too tired to do that particular editorial board that particular day. And it ended up biting me and I ended up having a very embarrassing moment that went all over the place.

Watch the clip:

Cain has used the “I was probably too tired” defense with many of his embarrassing foreign policy gaffes throughout the campaign, raising suspicions as to whether he’d be ready for that “3 A.M phone call.” But if Cain wins, he says he’ll get a chance to sleep it off and start fresh. “The day after the Election Day, when I win the presidency, the day after, I’m gonna take a nap,” he said recently.

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