Libya takes on global warming

Libya announced on Tuesday a plan to reverse global warming and cool the earth by building a giant wind farm in the Sahara and Arabian deserts.

The delegation from the country’s new National Transitional Council held a press conference at the 17 Conference of the Parties (COP17) international climate talks in Durban.

Titled the “Libyan Initiative”, the plan involved creating permanent low-pressure zones in the Libyan desert, and turning daylight into winds which would then be converted to electricity.

The team behind the plan said it would generate enough low-cost energy to satisfy global demand, which could be channelled around the world.

Libyan scientist Muftah Elarbash said it was possible to reverse global warming entirely.

“Libya did mission impossible in eight months with the help of the world. With help, we can do it again this time with global warming,” Elarbash added.

He said the world should do something before it felt the breeze of hell from global warming.

(Edited by Zethu Zulu)

Ali El-Ehmer


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