Gov’t approves treatment of five wounded Libyans

1 December 2011

Prague, Nov 30 (CTK) – The government yesterday complied with a request by Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg and approved the treatment of five adult wounded Libyans under the Medevac humanitarian programme in the Czech Republic, according to information available to CTK.

A Czech military plane is to fly for the wounded from the eight-month conflict that eventually toppled Muammar Gaddafi’s regime in Libya on December 12.

“The Czech Republic’s concrete involvement in this form of humanitarian activities towards Libya is in the interest of good relations with the country and the whole region in Europe’s direct neighbourhood,” the Interior Ministry that is in charge of the programme said earlier.

The transport costs will be 250,000 crowns.

Moreover, two ill children from Libya will be treated in the Czech Republic on Thursday.

The government’s decision has followed up the humanitarian aid from this summer when three child patients from Libya were treated within Medevac in the Czech Republic.

“However, with the surgeries and subsequent treatment Medevac has not ended its help to child patients in Libya. On Thursday, another two small patients will come from Benghazi to the Czech Republic,” Tomas Haisman, director of the Interior Ministry asylum and migration policy department, has told CTK.

The patients will be selected in cooperation with the Czech diplomatic staff in Libya, hospitals in Tripoli and a Czech doctor sent to Libya by the General Teaching Hospital in Prague.

The Libyan embassy has asked Czech diplomacy for help in the treatment of the wounded formerly. It wanted to place tens of seriously wounded Libyans in Czech hospitals and it even allegedly gave a list of 30 people to the Czech Health Ministry with a request for swift aid.

However, the Czech Foreign Ministry wanted the patients to be selected by Czechs and it has dismissed criticism from the Libyan diplomatic office.

The Czech Republic reopened its diplomatic office in Tripoli after over half a year in mid-October. The Foreign Ministry then said it would select ill children for treatment in the Czech Republic.

Interior Ministry spokeswoman Petra Schneiderova said the flight of another two children from Libya to the Czech Republic was being prepared.

Thanks to Medevac, another three Libyan children underwent surgeries and treatment in summer.

The government approved the continuation of the Medevac programme in the spring.

Since 1993 a total of 128 foreign patients, mostly children, have been treated in the Czech Republic.

Forty-two of them were from Iraq, followed by Kosovo (40), Bosnia and Herzegovina (17), Afghanistan (14), Pakistan (ten), Cambodia (four) and Russia (one).

($1 = 19.153 crowns)

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Ali El-Ehmer


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