The Spoof : Libya’s Ruling National Transitional Council End’s Decade-Old Ban On Guacamole funny satire story

Friday, 2 December 2011

Libya’s current authority, the National Transitional Council, has decided to end the decade’s old ban on Guacamole instituted by deposed dictator Moammar Gaddafi, the Council’s Abdul Hafid Ghoga told reporters here on Thursday.

“Gaddafi banned the import or creation of Guacamole throughout Libya in his Green book, claiming that it was unwanted competition for Hummus” Ghoga told the press conference. It was clear that the decision met little to no opposition.

“In the same chapter, he said he was contemplating a ban on white rice– what he called a Western Innovation, and an enemy to the African and Moroccan Couscous.” Ghoga told a crowd of smirking reporters.

“We really believe we speak for all of Libya when we say Hummus and Guacamole can both be delicious with neither’s successes diluting or harming the integrity of the other.”

Local grocery store owner Ahmed says he has plans to sell guacamole, and expects to be sold out as soon as his first shipments arrive next week.

Ali El-Ehmer


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