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German wife of Gaddafis mouthpiece escapes from Libya


Matthias Gebauer

Julia Ramelow Your man Mussa Ibrahim was Gaddafis propaganda boss: For months Julia Ramelow awaited from from Hamburg with the joint baby at Ibrahims side. Now it is implored after MIRROR-ONLINE-information from Libya to Tunisia – and subsequently back to Germany.

Berlin/Tripolis – so thickly at it, at the power apparatus Muammar al Gaddafi were only few: Julia Ramelow that fled is German wife of the government speaker of Gaddafi, from Libya . How SPIEGEL ONLINE learned, message in Tripolis enabled the Germans that Ramelow could jointly departure with its baby of the Libyan capital on Thursday to Tunisia .

Ramelow had awaited for months at the side of her man, Gaddafi speaker Mussa Ibrahim. Ibrahim should have been grasped on Thursday by rebels in the Gaddafi stronghold Sirt, gives an official confirmation over his arrest, however not yet confirmed.
Ibrahim counts as an intimate connoisseur of the processes within the staggering regime of Gaddafi and had cursed until finally against the rebels and the new government Libyens.

Evidently Julia Ramelow, that had until to the revenue of Tripolis through the rebels with its man in the heavily secured hotel Rixos in the capital where she lived, separated some days ago from her man in order to escape. In the last days, she turned to the Germans message in Tripolis. There she asked for aid to leave the country.

In the frame of the consular aid, the representation of this favor came later and offered the Germans a certain carrier to Tunisia. From there out of Ramelow flew in the afternoon back to Germany.

there is nothing against the German in spite of its connection to the power apparatus of Gaddafi although she herself had spread the propaganda of the regime in a blog regularly with. The last entry of the blog comes of the 21st of August, the day of the rebel invasion. The guest contribution, posted of administrator “Julia”, geißelt the “war crime NATO of powers”. In one other entry the scattering of hoax is reproached over Libya for western television stations such as CNN or BBC.

The flight of Ramelow concludes first of all the mysterious story of the Germans in Gaddafis power circle. For weeks the family of Ramelow in Germany in serious worry has been around the young mother because they had not heard of since the storm on Tripolis. Evidently it was in a hurry left Tripolis on the 21st of August with her man.

The hotel room, that inhabited both of them until to the end, was swelled full with dress pennants with suits and shirts, out of the drawers documents of the propaganda department Gaddafis. In the Rixos hotel, in that also the reporters allowed and exertally controlled international by the regime delayed, had been prepared the family for a long siege. Next to food supplies and a large selection at red wine bottles, a small washing machine was available in the suite for baby wash.

To Islam converts, emigrated to Libya

Because Ramelow’s man and his roll universally known as a speaker Gaddafis: Nearly daily Ibrahim from March to September 2011 stepped before the cameras international journalists in Tripolis and scattered the propaganda messages for Gaddafis.

Over Julia Ramelow on the other hand, a young woman with long red colored hairs, is little well known. Already as youth, it left her German family and went to Great Britain. According to British press report, Ibrahim and Ramelow in 2000 met in a meeting of a church group in Exeter. “It has immediately made click “, Ramelow told the “Times” in the past summer, “because we both love God, we dear literature, and we hated the conversion of politics”.

After the conversion to Islam and its wedding, Ramelow and Ibrahim 2009 went to Tripolis. There Ibrahim tried himself as a medium entrepreneur.

In spite of its partially absurd remarks since the start of the aerial warfare against Gaddafis troops, Ibrahim seems run more or less accidentally into the propaganda machinery of the regime to be. In Tripolis, connoisseurs of the regime, Mussa Ibrahim did not have unconditional admiration a glowing follower of the despot. Rather the Libyer is supposed to have been actually only at a successful life as a businessman interested.

” Strangely removes”

First as he in the spring 2010 in a meeting with official of the regime encouraged, had to let that government for the representation of the own visibility of the current situation also international observers into the country, excited he the attention of the regime. Of a day on the other, Ibrahim was appointed to the new speaker of the government and was for the care of the hurriedly flown in reporter responsible out of foreign countries.

In the Rixos hotel, in which the international reporters were locked in more or few and were allowed to visit only with companions of the propaganda apparatus the city, Ramelow ran quickly into the focus of the public.
First of all opposition cursed on the Internet against the Germans at the side of Gaddafis loudspeaker. Several international newspapers reported thereupon over the Hamburger in Gaddafis entourage. “Strangely removed” Ramelow would have caused, wrote MIRROR reporter Clemens Höges at that time over its impressions out of the hotel.

Ramelow itself gave the “star” a somehow confused interview and said that it would have fear of revenge at her man and herself if the regime would fall once. Nevertheless it did not want to leave Tripolis. “Libya is our homeland”, she said to the German reporter.

Cooperation: Annett Meiritz


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